Hi! I’m Dee, The Snarky Mom

I am here hoping to share useful information with women in general, but moms especially. I hope to share some things that will be considered life hacks, inspiration for fitness goals, funny parenting moments, and all things pertaining to womanhood and to the lifestyle of a mom on a mission.

I am a 36 year-old stay-at-home mom to two beautiful brown children. Before becoming a SAHM, I was a public school teacher and an early childhood education manager for a Head Start program. I like dogs, the color purple, and bread. I dislike wet socks, sticky floors, and overpowering scents. I am currently on several journeys in search of the woman I am Becoming (thanks, Auntie Michelle ;o)).

Follow this blog if you want helpful tips for momming and journeying through life that are also:

  • Funny
  • Relatable
  • Effective
  • Timely
  • Inspirational

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