Low-Prep Play Kitchen Activity

Recognizing Patterns

Here’s an activity you can do with your little ones using the food from their new kitchen!

Today we read a book where we recognized a color pattern. Because my son is a young preschooler, we began with an AB pattern which is a little less complex than an ABC pattern.

Book, Press Here by Herve Tullet

I created the pattern, read it aloud, then repeated those actions several times. By about the fifth time my son was saying the pattern with me. Lastly, I took all the fruit away and placed just two on the board –one red and one yellow. He was able to tell me which color came next.

Learning to recognize and create patterns is an early math and science skill so we will keep working on patterns until we’ve mastered it.

Additionally, because my son has a language delay, we had to do some work to activate his prior knowledge of the word “NEXT”.

Bookmark this low-prep activity and try it with your littles. Let me know how it goes!

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